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Domestic violence is NEVER the fault of the children or the adult being hurt.

In an unhealthy relationship, a person may not feel safe. They may feel scared, sad or worried.

Things that make a relationship unhealthy and unhappy may include;

  •  arrow Things that hurt the outside of the body.
  •   Things that make someone's head and heart hurt.
  •  When someone uses money to hurt or control.
  •  Unwanted touching

Sometimes this hurtful behaviour is called domestic violence.

Domestic violence is when someone hurts the person they are going out with or are living with as a couple.  

Most domestic violence is done by men to women, but it can also happen to men by women and in same sex relationships. It can also happen when a relationship has ended.

If you know someone who is living with domestic violence it is ok to tell. Help and support is available for people who may be living with domestic violence.

Click on the support page to learn more.