The Great Project

Q. What is a relationship?

A. A connection between two people. This can include connections between friends, family members or a husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend, opposite and same sex couples.

Q. What makes a happy relationship?

A. A happy relationship will include things like;

  • Trust
  • Love
  • Compromise
  • Sharing
  • Spending time together
  • Making decisions together
  • Listening to each other

Everyone deserves a healthy, happy relationship!

Q. How will you know if you are in a happy / healthy relationship?

A. A happy / healthy relationship will make both people feel good, they should have positive feelings and emotions like feeling loved, excited, safe, happy, and delighted. They will never feel scared of the person they are in a relationship with.


Q. Are people who argue in an unhealthy / unhappy relationship?

A. All people in relationships can have arguments, some every week, some once a year. It is ok to disagree in a relationship and to have different ideas, opinions and feelings. An argument would be part of an unhealthy relationship if it was unfair, and one person was using the argument to be abusive and controlling. To keep an argument fair make sure each person has time to speak, that you listen to each other and that voices are calm and no one is made to feel scared.

Q. Does domestic violence happen to alot of people?

A. 1 in 4 women may experience domestic violence at some point in their lives and in a class of 30 children 3 may be living with domestic violence at home. So it does happen to alot of people. There is lots of help and support for people who are in unhealthy relationships.

However by learning about what relationships should include like, trust and love we can make sure that we choose to be respectful in our relationships and have healthy relationships in the future.


Q. What should I do if I know someone is in an unhealthy relationship?

If you are ever worried about a relationship you should always tell an adult you trust, so that they can help make sure the person is safe, this might be by contacting other support services. Have a look at the support page to find out more.

Click on the support page to learn more.