The Great Project

Graham Allen MP for Nottingham North

Supporting statement from Graham Allen, MP for Nottingham North: It is heartening to see that Equation are taking the necessary steps to provide support, increase awareness and increase the prevention of domestic violence in Nottingham.....

The GREAT Project for Special Schools

The GREAT Project for Special SchoolsFollowing the resounding success of The GREAT Project delivered within mainstream schools, and in response to the statistic that twice as many disabled women experience domestic violence, we are redesigning The GREAT Project for use in special schools........

The Charity Awards

The success and quality of The GREAT Project has been recognised for a second time following the receipt of a 'Highly Commended' award from The Charity Awards 2012.

UK Sexual Health Awards

The quality and benefit of The GREAT Project was recognised at the UK Sexual Health Awards through being shortlisted for the Pamela Sheridan Innovation Award.